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Our RYA Yachtmaster Online Theory Course is designed to meet the needs of today's modern students. The course materials for the RYA Yachtmaster Online Theory Course can be accessed on your Desktop, Tablet and Smart Phone.

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RYA Yachtmaster Online Theory Course

Our RYA Yachtmaster Online Theory Course has been designed to fit in with today’s busy lifestyles, delivering online course materials that can be accessed via any device with internet access. The accessibility of the RYA Yachtmaster Online Theory Courses bring a whole new concept to attaining marine qualifications that lead to a higher level of confidence and safety on the water.

Advanced Yachtmaster eLearning

Our RYA Yachtmaster Online Theory Course covers all aspects of navigation theory and more, making them equally suitable for all those involved in work or leisure activities on water. Divers, anglers, dinghy sailors, canoeists, hovercraft pilots, powerboat navigators and racing yachtsmen have all studied successfully with Splash.

The key to our success is our incredibly effective e-learning platform. Splash Online is powered by a state of the art database which provides a unique ‘real-life’ relationship between student and tutor. It ensures proactive support from both the tutor and the learning system and ensures that personal learning paths tailored to suit individual needs.

Instant access, anytime, anywhere

Our web-based theory course enables students to log in to their Splash course from any location and continue from where he or she left off. Our advanced technology is used to monitor the effectiveness of each aspect and module of the RYA Yachtmaster Online Theory Course and we are constantly improving the online delivery of our courses.

No other RYA Online Theory Course puts technology to such good use as Splash Sea School.

You can be sure that many hours of expert teachers and technical experts have been put into developing your Splash course to make your individual learning path as effective as possible and, most importantly - Fun!

The benefits of Splash

Splash was created from our twin passions for sailing and learning, offering the best teaching programme to give you the best sailing experience.

Instant access

Instant access to your course – as soon as you purchase you can start online learning.


State of the art Cloud servers are fully backed-up ensuring your course will be there when you want it.


Fully compatible with all modern devices – you can access your course anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection.

Tutor support

Your tutor monitors your progress and provides regular contact with online support available 24/7.

Student comments on their Yachtmaster theory course

We ask all of our Splash students to tell us what they think of their course

As soon as enrolled able to access materials especially as some as the course does not require materials such as dividers or charts so you get the good feeling that you have paid and you are getting something back and could start straight away and there was no peer pressure and can be done at own pace to suit personal situation.

The personalized help was greatly appreciated and any further information needed was always promptly given in a very friendly manner. Never felt silly for asking or like I was being too bothersome.

This is a superb course that has clearly been well thought out to deliver good quality training, using multimedia and teaching aids such as charts and plotters to their best with prompt and knowledgeable support and for distance learning it could not be better.

I needed a course with flexibility because I wanted to learn the different modules in an individual way. The most impressive thing - really outstanding - was the response of John if I had some questions. He always esponded immediately. Really an unforgettable experience.

A superior eLearning experience

Wherever you are online, Splash will work with you – suitable for all modern devices. We even have our own secure messaging system – no need to email. Total support and great learning is the Splash experience.

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