Learn how to sail

Learning how to sail with confidence and skill is the most important step you can take towards being safe on the water and having fun! At Splash Sea School we deliver a range of RYA Qualifications that are designed to meet those needs, whether you are a complete novice, or have some experience that you want to build on.

Learn how to sail at Splash Sea School with an RYA qualification

Sailing can be one of the most exhilarating and rewarding experiences. Learning to sail with confidence and skill brings a huge sense of accomplishment whether you are doing it as a hobby or professionally.

A fun and interactive way of learning

Take your first step today towards an exciting adventure of life on the water with Splash Sea School. At Splash Sea School we understand that there are a hundred different reasons why people want to learn to sail, Sailing could be for you a sport, a weekend pastime, or a lifestyle. Whatever your motivation and ambition we understand that the one common factor is an absolute passion for the water, and we share that passion.

Unlike other types of boating, learning to sail requires active participation and a solid theoretical knowledge before venturing out onto the water. Learning how to sail requires that you are familiar with all aspects of your boat as well as a confident understanding of the environment.


At Splash Sea School, our RYA learn to sail qualifications are for anyone who has an interest in life on the water and our courses cover dinghy, motor-boat and yacht sailing. Our courses are flexible and designed to fit around busy schedules and lifestyles, wherever you are, whatever you are doing.

Contact us now to find out which course is suitable for you and start your sailing adventure today.

The benefits of Splash

Splash was created from our twin passions for sailing and learning, offering the best teaching programme to give you the best sailing experience.

RYA approved

RYA recognised training centre – ensuring the high standards of RYA qualification are maintained in our courses.

Great value

All the reference books and tools you will need included in the course price – no hidden extras.

Progress monitor

Your Splash course feedback shows you how much you have learned at each step.

100% pass rate

Guaranteed pass of your exam – if you follow the course and work with your tutor’s help you will achieve the standard required.

Instant access

Instant access to your course – as soon as you purchase you can start online learning.


State of the art Cloud servers are fully backed-up ensuring your course will be there when you want it.


Fully compatible with all modern devices – you can access your course anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection.

Tutor support

Your tutor monitors your progress and provides regular contact with online support available 24/7.

A superior eLearning experience

Wherever you are online, Splash will work with you – suitable for all modern devices. We even have our own secure messaging system – no need to email. Total support and great learning is the Splash experience.

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