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During the current emergency situation we at Splash are keen to do what we can to support the many sailors at home. In addition to the FREE Home Learning Resource we are offering a reduction on our Essential Navigation, Day Skipper and Yachtmaster online courses for a limited period. No change in the Splash value - course includes plotter, books and all tools needed.

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RYA Day Skipper Theory Course

Most Popular

The RYA Day Skipper Theory course is the ideal entry point for anyone wishing to learn the theory required to navigate in familiar waters and essential before taking the Day Skipper practical course.

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RYA Yachtmaster Theory Course

Advanced Tuition

The RYA Yachtmaster course gives you the skills needed to command a small vessel safely, and the advanced knowledge needed for the Yachtmaster Offshore and Yachtmaster Coastal examinations.

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Essential Navigation

RYA Essential Navigation Theory Course

Starting out

You will learn the initial skills needed to work with the elements afloat. Tides, weather and Rules of the Road are some of the key elements in this introductory course for all seafarers.

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I needed flexibility, putting an hour or two a day at unsociable times. With Splash I got the feeling that there was someone watching and encouraging me at the same unsociable time. Personalized help was greatly appreciated. Information needed was always promptly given in a very friendly manner. Never felt silly for asking or like I was being too bothersome.

Brian J.

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The benefits of Splash

Learning a new skill doesn’t have to interrupt your busy schedule.

Our clever and unique interactive database records your progress, helping your tutor guide and modify your learning path, giving you an in-depth understanding of all the topics. On-demand quizzes and exams give you instant feedback on your learning progress and achievements.

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Some of the amazing things you’ll learn on your Splash course

Fast, easy, and affordable way to build your skills


Understand what goes on in our atmosphere – how weather systems form and how to anticipate and prepare for the wind and rain effects on us.


Understand and profit from the regular and predictable flow of water in our seas. Learn the skills that won’t leave you high and dry when the tide goes out.

Latitude and Longitude

Knowing where you are on the planet has been a problem that bedevilled sailors for centuries. Learn the modern techniques and tools that will let you pinpoint your position.


There are many lights to be found at sea, some to guide the sailor and some to warn of dangers. You will learn to understand what they all are telling you.

Further reading and resources

One way of building up your navigation and boating skill is to read as much as you can and learn from the experience of experts. Your Splash course will give you additional resources for further reading.

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A superior eLearning experience

Wherever you are online, Splash will work with you – suitable for all modern devices. We even have our own secure messaging system – no need to email. Total support and great learning is the Splash experience.

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