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Nothing can quite match the experience you gain by being on the water, but our RYA online courses give you the essential basic knowledge, delivering the theoretical skills to ensure that you can safely and confidently spend time at sea.

RYA Online Theory Course

RYA Online Courses

Learn how to sail online with Splash Sea School

Learn to sail with our RYA online courses

Discover today the benefits of learning to sail online with Splash Sea School

Our RYA online theory courses are a fun and interactive way of learning the knowledge and skills that are vital for enjoying your time on the water safely. They have been designed to fit in with today’s busy lifestyles, ensuring that you can access the course at a pace and a location that suits you. As soon as you sign-up, you can log-in and begin your RYA online course.

What makes our RYA online courses so successful and effective is our state-of-the-art e-learning platform. 'Splash Online' provides a unique ‘real-life’ relationship between student and tutor. It ensures proactive support from both the tutor and the learning system and ensures that personal learning paths tailored to suit individual needs. Our online theory courses enable you to log in from any location and continue from where you left off. Our advanced technology is used to monitor the effectiveness of each aspect and module of all our RYA online courses and we are constantly improving the online delivery of our courses.

No other RYA Training Centre puts technology to such good use as 'Splash Online'. You can be sure that many hours of passionate teachers and technical experts have been put into developing your Splash course to make your individual learning path as effective as possible and, most importantly - Fun!

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Our course pages can be accessed via any device with a decent internet connection. All of the Splash Online Courses are fully PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone and Smart Phone compatible.

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