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Onboard Sailing for the RYA Yachtmaster Certificate

An Introduction to Otis:

Otis (our Online Tutoring and Information System) is part of the genius behind the Splash proposition. Otis makes sure that students are given exactly the right amount of information for them to handle at any one time.

Once the student understands it, Otis teaches them a little more. Otis can also walk students through the calculations or maths they are learning, or can simply offer helpful hints when prompted.

Otis has the combined knowledge of several very experienced Yachtmaster Instructors and is available 24/7 for students, so even if you're having trouble sleeping at 3am and decide to do a little learning, Otis will be there for you, keeping an eye on your progress, and making sure you've got all the support you need. When you have completed a piece of homework, you can submit your answers to Otis, who will give you immediate feedback about your progress.

Otis also helps your tutor to mark parts of your exam papers, so it speeds up the assessment process.

You're not alone with technology, Otis will be in constant dialogue with your tutor whilst you're working away, and if you have any questions or thoughts that pop up, your tutor is only an email or a phonecall away. Likewise, if you're unclear about a particular area, and Otis can't help you any more, he'll suggest you have a quick chat with your tutor who could explain something in a different way, or provide you with additional resources to help your learning.


OTIS, (our Online Tutoring and Information System) will guide you through your learning process.

Any queries you have will be answered promptly by your tutor on e-mail, and if you want to talk through any particular points, then you can do so by telephone, MSN messenger, or SKYPE.

We suggest you first send an e-mail to us, as we have found this method can be most effective in giving a full researched answer!

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