Splash was created from our twin passions for sailing and learning. We wanted to bring our extensive educational expertise to bear on the teaching of sailing theory, in order to ensure that the next generation of seafarers was best equipped to enjoy their time safely, confidently and responsibly on the water.

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About Splash Sea School

We knew from experience that there were limitations to the traditional, classroom-based method of teaching Power and Sail Theory. So, we set about creating a teaching programme that was:

  • Expert: we utilise the best and lastest learning materials - as well as the latest technology - in teaching the art of navigation
  • Convenient: our online courses allow students to study at the pace, and at the time of day that suits their current experience and their present lifestyle - moving quickly through topics they find easy, and concentrating their efforts on any gaps in their knowledge
  • Supportive: our online monitoring of students' progress enables us to offer the tailored and immediate support of one-to-one tution
  • Lasting: our courses equip with the resources to continue learning long after they have qualified, through additional reference material and the contact that we enable with the wider Power and Sail community of friends, crew, experts and authorities

To bring this ambitious vision to life, we assembled a small team with the necessary areas of expertise.

John: Yachtmaster Instructor, Teacher - Multimedia Specialist

Neil: Marketing Expert

Stephen: Web Designer and Online Development

Daniel: Database Developer

Ruth: Curriculum Admin

Euan: Technical Development

OTIS: Our On-line Training and Information System

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With SPLASH, you are always just a click away from expert help - OTIS, (our Online Tutoring and Information System). Read more..

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